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2004-2007: Centre of Excellence R&D Project

Work packages:

  1. Structure and interactions in solid state, polycrystallinity, polymorphism (Gregor Mali)
  2. Structural determination and analysis of organic compounds in solution (Janez Plavec)
  3. Characterization of recombinant proteins and biological macromolecules in solution (Primoz Pristovsek)
  4. Interaction of medically active compounds with biological macromolecules (Simona Golic Grdadolnik)
  5. Studies of mixtures of compounds in solution - profiling of impurities in medicines, degradation products, metabolites (Roman Jerala)

Note: some details of the above work packages are given in the attached PDF file below

pdf_picture [Centre of Excellence R&D Project - Work packages, 164 KB]