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Slovenian NMR Centre
National Institute of Chemistry
Hajdrihova 19
P. O. B. 660
SI-1001 Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 1-47-60-353
Fax: +386 1-47-60-300

CERIC welcomes projects to the Open Call for access to wide range of modern infrastructure

All researchers who are interested in using modern European Research Infrastructure in their scientific endeavors are invited to check and apply to the "Call Zero”. The deadline for proposals is April 15th, 2014.


CERIC will be a distributed research facility, set up as an ERIC, by a group of proposing countries (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia) and open to other interested countries, who will offer an integrated service to external researchers of the access to different facilities which offers the most performing instruments and methodologies like NMR, Synchrotron light, Neutrons, Electron Microscopy and other Surface and Interface analytical instruments.

Contacts for The Call Zero Facilities are available on link.

14. 1. 2014