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Slovenian NMR Centre
National Institute of Chemistry
Hajdrihova 19
P. O. B. 660
SI-1001 Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 1-47-60-353
Fax: +386 1-47-60-300

Doors Open Days of the National Institute of Chemistry.

On the 6 of October we hosted children from elementary school Polhov Gradec at the Slovenian NMR centre. The children were given a tour of our NMR spectrometers, which are used to determine the 3D structure of different compounds. We explained to them that we can gather structural information on small organic molecules or large biologically relevant molecules such as DNA, RNA and proteins. The intensity of the field was demonstrated using two coins. Liquid nitrogen that we use to cool our NMR spectrometers was used to freeze flowers as an example of the affect of freezing temperatures on living things.


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6. 10. 2011