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Slovenian NMR Centre
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The first joint FIBER-SLONMR symposium

Slovenian NMR Centre is organizing the 1st joint FIBER-SLONMR symposium titled:

Frontiers on nucleic acid structure and function

Celje, Slovenia, Monday, 05.10.2015

Pictures from symposium

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8:00 Departure from Ljubljana, start from M-hotel (7:50 from NIC)
9:30–10:00 Welcome by Mr. Bojan Šrot, mayor of Celje Introductory remarks by Profs. Naoki Sugimoto and Janez Plavec
10:00–10:30 Primož Šket, G-quadruplexes, i-motifs and cation interactions
10:30–11:00 Taiga Fujii, A new Hoogsteen base pair that can design the G-quadruplex topologies
11:00–11:30 Peter Podbevšek, G-quadruplex based decoys for regulating gene expression
11:30–12:00 Mirko Cevec, Investigation of G-quadruplexes in NRAS mRNA
12:00–12:30 Coffee break with refreshments
12:30–13:00 Marina Juribašić Kulcsár, Solution-state structure of a G-quadruplex formed within the promoters of Plasmodium falciparum var genes
13:00–13:30 Petra Galer, NMR study of two G-quartet quadruplexes formed by human telomeric repeat
13:30–14:00 Baifan Wang, Structural insight into human telomeric G-quadruplex
14:00–14:15 Coffee break with refreshments
14:15–14:45 Tamaki Endoh, RNA G-quadruplex dynamics that affect gene expressions
14:45–15:15 Marko Trajkovski, Structural insights into metalo-organic ligands - G-quadruplex interactions
15:15–15:30 Vojč Kocman, Oligonucleotide from the PLEKHG3 gene regulatory region adopts a tetrahelical DNA fold distinct from G-quadruplexes
15:30–15:45 Jasna Brčić, NMR study of oligonucleotides containing ALS and FTD related GGGGCC repeat
16:00 Exploration of the Slovenian local culinary specialties, cultural heritage and historic sites of Celje


29. 9. 2015