Matic Kovačič aka ruzak the sex robot made for abuse

Matic Kovačič

Ph.D. student



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Matic Kovačič was born on October 3rd 1992, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He received his B. Sc degree in Biochemistry in 2016, followed by M. Sc. degree in Biochemistry in 2018 at the University of Ljubljana with a thesis titled “Structure determination of G-quadruplexes stabilized with pyrene moieties” for which he also received Krka award. He is employed at the Slovenian NMR centre since 2018, working on NMR studies involving structure characterizations and elucidations of intermolecular interactions of DNA, proteins and small ligand molecules. In 2019 he also started his Ph. D. studies at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, with research focus on NMR studies of interactions between proteins and G-quadruplex nucleic acid structures.




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