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Advances in Noncanonical Nucleic Acids


St. Bernardin resort is situated by the sea, along the popular promenade between Portorož and Piran. Portorož is a renowned tourist resort on the Slovenian coast. It is a favourite destination for vacations, entertainment and congress tourism. This charming tourist town lies in a bay, surrounded by beautiful flysch hills in the background, serving as a protective barrier against the cold winds. Portorož was named after the church of St. Mary of the Rosary, Madonna of the roses, and the name of the town is first mentioned in the 12th century in connection with the Benedictine monastery that stood on the hill. Historical sources have it that Saint Lawrence’s bay (today’s Portorož) attracted galleys and ships that searched for shelter and protection against storms. Friars used to cure illnesses with seawater and brine. Modern Portorož is dotted with hotels, restaurants and bars, casinos, beaches, seaside walking tracks, old villas and gardens. Piran is a fascinating medieval seaside town, in the past home to fishermen and saltpan workers, a town set within a genuine Mediterranean environment that the visitors rarely come across elsewhere. The town is situated on a peninsula that ends in the promontory Punta Madonna, which used to be populated already in pre-Roman times. The first written accounts of Piran are papers from the 7th century. The origin of its name derives from the Greek word PYR (fire) for there was always a fire burning on the promontory to warn sailors at sea. Piran’s architectural design is medieval with narrow streets and houses built one against another, which gives the town a typical Mediterranean touch and a particular charm. On top of the hill is majestically located the baroque church of St. George with its 49 metre high tower bell upon which is set St. Michael’s statue. Contemporary Piran is an administrative and tourist centre, during weekends it turns into a favourite destination for national and foreign visitors.