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Congratulations to Daša Pavc on her first paper, published in the prestigious Nucleic Acids Research journal.
The paper describes high-resolution G-quadruplex structures formed by DNA oligonucleotides GCn and GCnCG in the presence of Na+ ions. As revealed by NMR spectroscopy, 5’-GC ends have crucial role in formation of these G-quadruplexes with unprecedented folding topologies. Change of Na+ ions for 15NH4+ and K+ ions induces 3’-3’ stacking via terminal G-quartets of GCn G-quadruplexes, which is precluded by 3’-GC overhangs in the case of GCnCG. Results of the present study expand repertoire of possible G-quadruplex structures.

dasa pavc nar

For more information read the original paper: here

9. 3. 2020

A new paper in Nucleic Acids Research represents a step towards understanding the mechanism by which biological macromolecules fold into their functional native conformations. The use of NMR and other methods enabled detection of pre-folded structures of DNA oligonucleotides derived from human telomeric repeat that exist in solution before completely formed G-quadruplexes upon addition of cations. Characterization of long-lived pre-folded structures is essential not only to establish mechanisms of G-quadruplex formation as they can represent on- or off-pathway intermediates, but can be used in development of novel type of selective ligands that will target their peculiar structural elements at pre-quadruplex states that are intrinsically more dynamic and can bind heterocyclic ligands through a privileged conformation.

primoz sket nar

For more information read the original paper: here

26. 2. 2020