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We are pleased to present the results of our fruitful collaboration with a research group of prof. Alon A. Gorodetsky from University of California Irvine published in the prestigous general science journal PNAS. Our researchers Matic Kovačič, Gregor Ilc and Janez Plavec contributed NMR structural data on a truncated variant of cehpalopod protein reflectin A1.
Our findings advance current understanding of reflectin-based materials, provide insight into the color-changing capabilities of cephalopods, and afford new opportunities in biochemistry, cellular biology, bio- engineering, and optics.

matic pnas


For more information read the original paper: here

22. 12. 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Chiara Platella, a post-doc at our NMR center, and Dr. Marko Trajkovski who in collaboration of Slovenian and Italian teams published results detailing the interactions of trisubstituted naphthalene diimide analogue with G-quadruplexes of different topologies.

Naphthalene diimide analogues exhibit a promising anticancer activity with therapeutic potential related to their interactions with G-quadruplexes, non-canonical nucleic acid structures. Inspired by the recent results on NDI-5, a member of naphthalene diimide family, and its high G-quadruplex binding affinity and promising anticancer activity, we carried out a detailed structural study. NMR together with DSC, CD and fluorescence were used to examine interactions of NDI-5 with G-quadruplexes exhibiting different topologies. Results revealed the propensity of the ligand to stack over the 5’- and 3’-ends of the parallel and over the 5’-end of the hybrid G-quadruplex model, respectively. Reported structural details of the NDI-5 - G-quadruplex interactions and the identified interplay of different binding modes will aid the ongoing design of anticancer targeted therapeutics.

chiara nar

For more information read the original paper: here

5. 12. 2020