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A new paper in Nucleic Acids Research reveals that phytochemicals can be lead chemicals in drug discovery. In cooperation with the FIBER Institute in Kobe, Japan we have shown that berberine, one of the alkaloid phytochemicals, can interact with a simple unit of bulged RNA. The driving forces of the interaction were electrostatic and stacking interactions. Integrated physicochemical and NMR structural analyses of the interaction not only emphasize potential biological activities of berberine caused by the direct interaction with RNA but also provide the basis for expanding the role of phytochemicals as RNA-targeting therapeutics.

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7. 9. 2021

It is a great pleasure to announce that Qiang Li won JMR Young Scientist Award at EUROMAR 2021 conference.


2. 9. 2021

The Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium, CERIC-ERIC is calling for proposals for coordinated access to more than 50 instruments and support laboratories for research in all fields of materials, biomaterials and nanotechnology. In addition to the possibility to access several instruments through a single application, we offer support for mobility for two users per proposal.

September 1st, 17hs CET, to have a pre-evaluation and the possibility to improve your proposal.
September 30th, 17hs CET, recommended only for expert users of all the techniques requested.

ceric call for propolsals 2021

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2. 8. 2021