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Drs. Marija Toplishek and Peter Podbevšek presented their lectures in the Special lectures from Outstanding Young Scientists series.
Prof. Janez Plavec gave his lecture within the FIBER Webinar Universe in Nucleic Acids Chemistry series.

FIBER presentation
FIBER presentation

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2. 3. 2023

Recent topics in RNA structural biology with the use of NMR as the method of choice are discussed. We also highlight the directions in which RNA structure research is moving: viral and other large RNAs, dynamic biological processes in which RNA plays the major role, and chemical modifications that fine-tune RNA properties.

Current Opinion in Structural Biology

Link to the article published in Current Opinion in Structural Biology (2023, 79:102532) is available here.

20. 2. 2023

Applications are expected until July 6 ,2023.

53 krka prizes

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16. 1. 2023